Miniature Atlanta Airport

This is a video that I made a couple weeks ago from footage that I shot while eating at the Chili's Too at the Atlanta airport before boarding a flight. I had been up to this spot before and knew that it was the perfect perspective from which to get this kind of tilt-shift effect, so I was excited when we got sat at the exact same table this time. Didn't have my 7D on me, so I just busted out the ol' iPhone, rested it against the glass and let'er roll. Then I took that footage into After Effects, applied a lens blur with a depth matte, and voilà, miniature planes! Miniature baggage carts! I also decided to apply some sketchy-looking (as in drawn-on, not dangerous) text just for fun and because it was something that I wanted to learn how to do. Then I applied 3D shadows to the text to make it feel like it's in the space. It really makes no sense... it's meant to look like it's drawn-on over the image, and yet, also a part of the image. Oh well, I like it.

Overall, the whole tilt-shift thing has been really overdone, but I do think that it's a cool effect that can be used effectively. I'm excited to have learned how to create this effect in post, and hopefully I can use it more extensively in a piece sometime.