Team Ramrod

Well the Rams are 0-2, but it certainly wasn't for lack of an awesome open video. I edited this for them awhile ago, but can now finally show it since it has played in the stadium. I also was lucky enough to go on the shoot for this one, which was a blast. Got to hang out at the Rams practice facility, throw some footballs at targets, and even had time to work a little, setting up the lights and grabbing many of the b-angles that were used in this piece with a 5D (The rest was shot on RED). The post was all done here at Famous, and in the end I think it came out pretty cool.

A couple other fun facts about the piece:

  • Everybody on the team was great, but surprisingly the most outgoing, easy to to work with, and nicest (he shook everybody's hands after he wrapped) was the very large and very intimidating James Laurinaitis. Did I mention he was the son of a pro wrestler?
  • The open was originally edited with A.J. Feeley for all the quarterback shots, but after he went down with an injury we had to change everything out for the Rams #1 draft choice Sam Bradford. Oh well, it was probably only a matter of time anyway.
  • And finally, those flames were actually there, and they were actually very hot. The looks on the cheerleaders' faces the first couple times they went off were priceless.